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How to determine the quality of Tongkat Ali

The Tongkat Ali root before processing

We are often asked how we determine the quality of the Tongkat Alis delivered to us during inspections. This is mainly because many consumers would like to know how high the quality of the Tongkat Ali sold to them actually is.

Hier werden wir dir genau erklären, auf welche Faktoren du achten musst, um kein minderwertiges Produkt verkauft zu bekommen.

The quality of Tongkat Ali - In Europe unfortunately often poor

The Tongkat Ali sold in Europe is unfortunately often of poor quality. Before we decided to act as retailers ourselves, we ourselves were consumers. Since we could not find a reliable dealer in Germany, one of our managing directors ordered Tongkat Ali in Malaysia. The minimum order quantity was 5 kg. Since this is much too much for one person, he sold it in a circle of friends.

The Tongkat Ali plant

Since the quality was not comparable to the German Tongkat Alis, he had the idea to market it professionally.

Even today we test the quality of the goods offered here at regular intervals and are disappointed time and again.

How to determine the quality of Tongkat Ali

The most important factor in taking Tongkat Ali is of course the effect. However, as an individual it is difficult to assess it, especially if you are inexperienced in using Tongkat Ali capsules.

Moreover, Tongkat Ali is often not the only thingin use, so that cause and effect are regularly confused. It should also be said that the powder works differently for each person.

Another factor is what the initial stage of a consumer is like and which complaints should be alleviated by Tongkat Ali.

The effect of Tongkat Ali is largely determined by the active ingredients. We always have these determined in a laboratory and use them to determine the quality. For private individuals, however, this is only possible to a very limited extent.

By the way, here you can find one of our laboratory tests from 2019.

Tongkat Ali and its colour

Tongkat Ali Farbe

We are often asked whether the colour is a reliable indicator of quality. But this is not the case. Unfortunately, it is a persistent rumour that the darker the extract, the more effective it is. This is not true, as can be read here and here.

It depends mainly on the following factors:

  • The age of the root
  • The drying process used
  • The carrier material used
  • The nature of the soil in which Tongkat Ali has grown

It is not possible to draw conclusions about the active ingredients contained in the product.

Really reliable is, besides the laboratory analysis, especially the smell and the concentration.

Tongkat Ali is one of the most bitter substances in the world and you notice this immediately when you open the package. If you smell it, you will soon realize if you are holding high-quality Tongkat Ali in your hands. The smell is acrid and very memorable.

The concentration can be taken from the packaging. It is usually 50:1, 100:1 or 200:1, and the first number indicates how many kilograms of root have been processed into one kilogram of Tongkat Ali powder. The higher the number, the better.

However, it should be noted that not every part of the root and not every root contains the same amount of active ingredient. There are also qualitative differences here.

Concluding words

Every batch is extensively tested for quality. We only sell very high quality Tongkat Ali, so you can be sure to get good goods delivered.

Convince yourself and compare our products with those of our competitors.

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